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Winning Cases with Respect

Kazmar Feely LLC takes pride in providing quality service. In 2020, our firm was selected as the Top 10 Law Firm in Client Satisfaction, according to the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys. We have had the pleasure to represent families throughout the Chicagoland area. Here are some of the people behind successful Kazmar Feely LLC cases.

Testimonials: Clients

Outstanding Lawyer

Luke Kazmar was the primary attorney responsible for my divorce. Luke did a wonderful job in getting me generous support and reimbursements from my ex-husband for heavy gambling losses and other wasteful spending. My children benefitted because the parenting schedule gives them the great majority of the time with me, which wasn’t a guarantee since I am a full time professional and mom (which my ex-husband tried to use against me). When the case began, my husband tried to intimidate me with threats, telling me I would be ruined if I did not give in. Luke made me feel very protected which allowed me to not lose my mind over the stressful situation my husband was creating at home. He was patient and empathetic with me but very tough when going against my husband. When the case began, my ex told me to get ready for war because he hired the “best in the business.” It feels wonderful to see how wrong he was!

Nobody wants to hire a divorce attorney, but if you have to, Elizabeth Feely is the perfect one!

Elizabeth was referred to me by a friend. Nobody ever wants to hire a divorce attorney but Elizabeth and her partner Luke are with you every step of the way. Elizabeth is compassionate and understanding, yet she is a bulldog. She knows the law and she knows how to make the best strategic moves in the case. What sets Elizabeth apart from the rest is her attention to detail. I 100% believe that we avoided going to trial because Elizabeth went over and beyond making sure that she knew every detail of my life - she's almost OVER prepared. Her attention to detail and strong advocacy with the Judge gave the Judge no choice but to side with the recommendations that Elizabeth presented in her extremely well-drafted pre-trial memorandum. Now I can move forward with my life and look forward to brighter, happier days with my children.

Professional and Compassionate

My ex-husband filed for divorce after quitting his job and emptying several accounts. I was horrified that my marriage was ending and my husband was planning to cheat me and our daughters out of money and support. Luke was very aggressive in exposing my ex’s tricks and lies. The judge came down hard on my ex and we were able to move on in financial security. Luke calmed me down and managed the case so that I felt informed and part of the strategy. Thank you for all that you did. So proud to recommend Mr. Kazmar to everyone.

Amicable Divorce Advice

I hired Luke to represent me in my divorce from a 20+ year marriage. Since I knew that the divorce was going to be an amicable one, I needed someone who I knew would protect my interest, respect my opinion and provide advice that was consistent with my wishes. Luke was exactly the attorney that I was looking for. Throughout the course of the negotiations, Luke kept an unwavering balance of support of my decisions and demur. He raised objections and provided insight where he knew it was critically important, yet capitulated when he knew I was adamant about my position. Luke also has an unrivaled knowledge of the law and a keen insight of the system in which he practices. With his support, we quickly negotiated the divorce settlement that I had envisioned, which helped me to move on with my life. Luke Kazmar is an outstanding attorney, who I would recommend to anyone who is seeking to engage counsel.

Outstanding! Very Knowledgeable! Thorough!

I only wish I would have hired Elizabeth sooner. I initially hired a female attorney in Naperville who dragged my divorce on with a promise that it would be over the next month. That lawyer did nothing for me except put me in debt. After hiring Elizabeth she told me what she needed and pressed on. Elizabeth looked at every angle of my situation and made sure I was protected. She is a lawyer you can trust. She looks out for your best interest not her second home.

One of Our Most Successful Cases

Kazmar Feely LLC represented Kazmar Feely LLC Client in a precedent-setting case that lasted several months. And we were there every step of the way to make sure that both parties left the table satisfied, and even happy.

A Lawyer Who Cares

Where do I start? Is the question I have been asking myself for the better part of a year prior to leaving this review. I wanted to make sure I was completely knowledgeable of everything before I let my emotions take the best of me. Its hard to trust any lawyer, we all believe they are only there for the money. Even though everyone needs to make a living and most lawyers make a decent living, after going through my divorce and everything together with Luke, I can say I don't really know if the money made is worth the stress and pain you deal with as a divorce attorney.

I'll put it as frankly as I can here: Luke Kazmar is the only person on earth that fought for me as a parent, going through a highly contested divorce, and fought as hard as I did. Luke genuinely cares about his clients situation. It eats him inside to see the pain his clients are going through. Its almost as if he is a sponge trying to soak up the pain for you. So you can see the bigger picture.

Without Luke, I would never have the rights I have today as a parent. Without Luke my child would likely be absent a father.

Thank you Luke for everything you have done and continue to do.

Do not hesitate to hire Luke. And to all the dads out there, Luke can prove to you the court system isn't as biased towards fathers as everyone says they are.



I was involved in a very nasty custody fight with my ex who insisted on fighting for 50% custody even though he never had much of a relationship with our daughter until I filed for divorce. Luke did an outstanding job in exposing the lies and got me results that I believe are best for me and my daughter. He was very aggressive against my ex but very patient and compassionate with me. I have referred a family member to the firm who is extremely satisfied. I'm proud to make a five star recommendation.

Still Happy

Elizabeth took on my divorce case in 2014. After my diagnosis of an incurable disease, my wife left me with nothing. Elizabeth took over my case from start to very finish. Everything worked out great. She still emails me to check how im doing. Great lawyer and a good person. Highly recommended.

If You Need the Best

Mr. Kazmar provided a five star service in my divorce. He treated me with dignity and respect, not just another check, which was a welcome sight given my cynical view of lawyers. He was always calm and reassuring which did a great deal to ease my very significant anxieties. I feel my strengts as a parents were very skillfully developed and the many flaws of my ex exposed. I'm extremely satisfied with the financial and parenting settlement we negotiated especially since my ex began the case by promising she and her lawyer would "ruin me." I recommend Mr. Kazmar for anyone looking for the best.

This Lawyer is Great

Elizabeth is simply the best. All the other lawyers I interviewed told me it was hopeless. Elizabeth was the only one that siad we could fight. We fight and won, my resolution was far better than I could have opened for. Do everything exactly as she says, it's for your own good.

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