​A prenuptial agreement is a contract entered by the parties before their marriage; the agreement specifies what will occur when the parties' marriage ends as a result of a divorce or death.

A "cookie cutter" prenuptial can easily be invalidated with the stroke of a single motion.  Accordingly, a dependable prenuptial requires that it be crafted by an advocate who has (1) first-tier verbal skills, 
(2) superior knowledge of applicable law, as well as (3) a stellar background in finance and mathematics.
A prenuptial agreement crafted in this manner will enable the client to be secure that his future assets and income streams are protected from litigation.  
Finally, you can rest assured that all negotiations related to the prenuptial will be conducted in a manner that does not jeopardize the intimacy of your relationship or the forthcoming marriage.  In other words, we will negotiate the prenuptial in a manner that is assertive, swift and professional.

As reflected below, Luke Kazmar has been recognized as a "Top Prenuptial Attorney," with a superb rating.  He has been awarded the CLIENTS' CHOICE award in the area of prenuptials.