Post-divorce modification proceedings are another area of family law that are a common component of the divorce law attorney's practice.  Our firm also has a substantial portion of its time dedicated to modification and enforcement proceedings.  We have the track-record of success upon which you can depend for concrete results.​ Typically, the modification proceedings come in the context of (A) alimony,

(B) child support, and (C) custody.​

ALIMONY:  Unless the Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage provides otherwise, post-divorce modification of alimony​ is always modifiable upon a showing of "substantial change of circumstances."  ​
CHILD SUPPORT:  Unlike alimony, a settlement agreement providing for "non-modifiable" child support is invalid as a matter of law.  Therefore, child support is always modifiable.​
CUSTODY & VISITATION: No motion to modify a custody judgment may be made earlier than 2 years after its date, unless the court permits it to be made on the basis of affidavits that there is reason to believe the child's present environment may endanger seriously his physical, mental, moral or emotional health.
A child's parent may always petition to modify visitation upon changed circumstances when necessary to promote the child's best interest.