judgment of divorce

   Kazmar | Feely LLC is a preeminent law firm controlled by two accomplished attorneys, both specializing in divorce and family law. In the following paragraphs, we briefly outline what makes us unique and why it is in your interest to retain our services.  

    Our firm's core philosophy is built around the simple reality that each case is unique.  Accordingly, every case we accept will be analyzed to formulate a creative strategy matching its singular characteristics.  In the end, no two families are alike. 

   Once a strategy has been devised based on the unique aspects of your case, it must then be implemented. However, even ingenious strategy in the hands of an ineffective attorney is utterly useless. Therefore, any client's search for representation must ultimately identify an attorney who not only has first-class knowledge of the law, but is able to apply legal expertise with intelligence and ingenuity.

    Furthermore, we believe that when it comes to divorce litigation, "speed kills." This philosophy, however, does not demand impulsive action. Instead, the philosophy requires an ability to apply judicious foresight without compromising the momentum of the case. Ask yourself the following question: "do I want my attorney to be proactive or reactive?"  We believe that the best defense is a good offense.​

    If you retain an attorney who possesses these qualities, your case will reap the benefits.  Whereas your spouse will be "off balance," you will remain several steps ahead.  Furthermore, you will be proactive in setting the agenda of the case, forcing your spouse to litigate defensively.  

    In summary, we are a firm that categorically rejects "cookie cutter" legal representation.  Legal tactics cannot be "blindly recycled," because they make the attorney stale and predictable, and by extension, your case substantially weaker.  Do not forget--when it comes to divorce, outside of few rare exceptions, there are no second chances. Therefore, your first choice must be the best choice.